10th International Workshop On
User Interfaces for Theorem Provers

CICM 2012 Workshop
July 11th 2012, Bremen, Germany

While interactive theorem provers have found many new application areas in the last years, the system interfaces have often not enjoyed the same attention as the proof engines themselves. In many cases, interfaces remain relatively basic and under-designed. More and more, this is becoming an obstacle for the wider adoption of theorem proving technologies outside the academic community.

The User Interfaces for Theorem Provers workshop series provides a forum for researchers interested in improving human interaction with interactive proof systems, be it theorem provers, formal method tools, and other tools manipulating and presenting mathematical formulas.

For the forthcoming 10th UITP workshop, we invite contributions from the theorem proving, formal methods and tools, and HCI communities, both to report on experience with existing systems, and to discuss new directions. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

UITP 2012 was a one-day workshop on July 11th 2012 in Bremen, Germany, as a CICM 2012 workshop.

Workshop Programme

This is the programme for the workshop. Talks are intended to be twenty minutes long, to leave room for plenty of questions and discussion.
09:00 Wolfgang Windsteiger
Theorema 2.0: A Graphical User Interface for a Mathematical Assistant System
09:30 Cvetan Dunchev, Alexander Leitsch, Tomer Libal, Martin Riener, Mikheil Rukhaia, Daniel Weller and Bruno Woltzenlogel-Paleo.
ProofTool: GUI for the GAPT Framework
10:00Coffee Break
10:30 Makarius Wenzel
READ-EVAL-PRINT in Parallel and Asynchronous Proof-Checking
11:00 Vincent Rahli
Interfacing with Proof Assistants for Domain Specific Programming Using EventML
11:30 Andrei Lapets, Richard Skowyra, Christine Bassem, Assaf Kfoury and Azer Bestavros
Towards an Infrastructure for Integrated Accessible Formal Reasoning Environments
12:00 Mihnea Iancu and Florian Rabe
An MMT-Based User-Inteface
12:30 Lunch

The location of the workshop is the Western Hall on the campus of Jacobs Unversity, where CICM 2012 is taking place; see the CICM webpage.


The post-proceedings of the conference have appeared as EPTCS 118.

Programme Committee

More information

More information about the workshop series can be found at the UITP Interest Group webpage.