Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes on MIMIC-II Data

Subsequent open access datasets have been collected from the Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes - The PhysiopNet Computing in Cardiology Challenge2009-website, preprocessed, and visualized with plotly. Filter steps include the search for joint feature vectors (over all data sets), outlier removal, simple interpolation of missing values, and an harmonization of sample rates used.

Training data


a40282n2 a40473n2 a40551n2 a40802n2 a40921n2
a41137n2 a41177n2 a41385n2 a41434n2 a41466n2
a41495n2 a41664n2 a41934n2 a42141n2 a42259n2


a40207n2 a40215n2 a40225n2 a40234n2 a40260n2
a40264n2 a40277n2 a40306n2 a40329n2 a40355n2
a40374n2 a40376n2 a40384n2 a40408n2 a40424n2


a40439n2 a40493n2 a40764n2 a40834n2 a40928n2
a41200n2 a41447n2 a41770n2 a41835n2 a41882n2
a41925n2 a42277n2 a42397n2 a42410n2 a42928n2


a40006n2 a40012n2 a40050n2 a40051n2 a40064n2
a40076n2 a40096n2 a40099n2 a40113n2 a40119n2
a40127n2 a40154n2 a40164n2 a40172n2

Test data


101bn2 102bn2 103bn2 104bn2 105bn2
106bn2 107bn2 108bn2 109bn2 110bn2


201bn2 202bn2 203bn2 204bn2 205bn2
206bn2 207bn2 209bn2 210bn2
211bn2 212bn2 213bn2 214bn2 215bn2
216bn2 217bn2 218bn2 219bn2 220bn2
221bn2 222bn2 223bn2 224bn2 225bn2
226bn2 227bn2 228bn2 229bn2 230bn2
231bn2 232bn2 233bn2 234bn2 235bn2
236bn2 237bn2 238bn2 239bn2 240bn2


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