"Why I should be a member of EMS?"

1. The main reason to join the EMS is to help building a European mathematical community.

2. To support EMS actions in promoting mathematics, both pure and applied, throughout Europe :

- The EMS represents the mathematical community in European institutions. It has successfully lobbied Brussels to make the European framework programmes more appropriate for mathematics and has supported the creation of a European Research Council.

- The EMS has founded a publishing house to publish journals and books at reasonable prices.

- The EMS organizes the European Congress of Mathematics, which takes place every four years.

- The EMS awards ten European Prizes for Mathematics, the Felix Klein Prize, and the EMS Springer Prize in History of Mathematics.

- The EMS is a partner of the European Digital Mathematics Library.

- The EMS supports mathematicians in Eastern Europe and in developing countries.

- The EMS works to improve the position of women in mathematics.

- The EMS works to raise public awareness of mathematics.

3. To get personal benefits:

- discounts on books published by the EMS Publishing House;

- reduced registration fees for European Congresses and Mathematical Weekends;

- free access to Zentralblatt.