by Florian Lapschies (

SONOLAR, the Solver for non-linear Arithmetic, is an SMT-Solver that solves quantifier-free fixed-size bit-vector logic formulas.
It currently supports the following:

SONOLAR uses bit-blasting to translate bitvector constraints to a Boolean formula and lets a SAT solver decide the satisfiability. For handling the extensional theory of arrays, the lemmas on demand approach described in [3] has been adopted. To this end a series of word-level simplification rules are applied to the input formula which is then converted to an And-Inverter Graph. After performing bit-level simplifications a Boolean CNF formula is generated and fed to a SAT solver. MiniSat 2.2.0 is used as the default SAT solver [6].

SONOLAR is currently used for automatic test data generation in the field of model-based testing and C/C++-unit testing [1, 2, 4, 5].


The downloads include static and shared libraries of SONOLAR as well as C++ header-files.

In addition, SONOLAR can be used as a standalone program reading formulas in SMT-LIB format version 1.2 and 2.0.


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