Dr. Otthein Herzog


Research Professor
Universitaet Bremen

Professor of Visual Information
Jacobs University Bremen
Summit Professor of AI Technologies
Tongji University Shanghai
Tel:+49-421 218 64003 +49-421 200 3404 +86-132 6229 8836
Room: TAB 2.82 Research IV, 157
Siping Road Campus
Wenyuan Building, Room 206
Mail: herzog(at)tzi[dot]de o.herzog(at)jacobs-university[dot]de


 1966-1967:  General Studies at the Leibniz Kolleg, Universitaet Tuebingen
 1967-1969:  Studies of Electrical Engineering at Universitaet Stuttgart
 1969-1970:  Studies of Informatics at Universitaet Karlsruhe
 1970-1972:  Studies of Informatics and Mathematics at Universitaet Bonn, Diploma (MSc) in Applied Mathematics and Informatics
 1972-1977:  Researcher at the Computer Science Department, Universitaet Dortmund, research stays at the Technion, Haifa, and the CS Department, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
 1976:  Dr. rer. nat. from the Computer Science Department, Universitaet Dortmund

Professional Experience

 1977-1993:  with IBM Germany, technical and managerial positions in international software product development, Software Engeneering, and AI research. Projects included mainframe operating systems, quality assurance (DOS/VSE and Unix), communications software, full-text information retrieval systems (IBM SearchManager), CIM repository systems, and a system for environmental impact analysis
 1985-1991:  Head of the IBM Institute for Knowledge-based Systems in the Scientific Center of IBM Germany, numerous AI research projects, the most important one was LILOG - Natural Language Processing and Text Understanding.
 1993-2009:  Chaired professor of Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Universitaet Bremen heading the Artificial Intelligence Research Group.
 1995-2009:  Founder and Director of the TZI - Center for Information and Communication Technologies at Universitaet Bremen (except 2000-2002).
 1997-1998:  Sabbatical year: Research professor at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
 since 1998:  Affiliate Research Professor at George Mason University, Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory, formerly directed by the late Dr. Ryszard Michalski, and now by Dr. Janusz Wojtusiak.
 2000-2002:  CTO at Lenze AG, responsible for production automation hardware and software development: from gear boxes to automation software.
 2004-2015:  PI (together with Prof. Scholz-Reiter) of the DFG Collaborative Research Center "Cooperating Autonomous Logistics Systems" at University of Bremen.
 2004-2010:  Founder and Director of the MTRC - Mobile Technologies Research Center at University of Bremen.
 since 2009:  Research Professor at Universitaet Bremen supervising many PhD students, directing research projects, and acquiring new projects at Universitaet Bremen.
 since 2010:  Wisdom Professor of Visual Information Technologies at Jacobs University Bremen, Social Sciences and Humanities, Diversity Focus, founding member of the Research Center “VisComX - Visual Communication and Expertise”.
 since 2015:  Professor at the CIUC - China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region (CIUC), Tongji University, Shanghai.

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Current Activities

Current research interests at TZI/Universitaet Bremen:

At the Universitaet Bremen, Dr. Herzog contributes to the interdisciplinary activities of

Current research interests at Jacobs University Bremen:

Current research interests at the CIUC - Tongji University:

Dr. Herzog is a Fellow of acatech – the German National Academy of Science and Engineering, where he served as Coordinator/Vice Coordinator of the acatech Topical Network “Information and Communication Technology”. From 2011-2013 he was a member of the acatech Executive Committee with the portfolio “International Relations”.

Dr. Herzog is a Fellow of the GI - Gesellschaft für Informatik, and member of the AAAI, DAGM and the ACM.

He also serves as