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Diaplan - a language for programming with diagrams

DIAPLAN is being developed since 1999, in cooperation with Frank Drewes (Umeå) and Mark Minas (München). The language shall have the following features:
  • Graph-based: Data is represented by nested graphs.
  • Rule-based: Programs are collections of predicates that are defined by graph transformation rules.
  • Visual: Programs are drawn as graphs and diagrams.
  • Generic: Data can be given in or displayed in arbitrary diagram notations.
  • Typed: The shape of graphs is defined by grammars.
  • Logic: Nondeterminism and backtracking are supported.
  • Functional: Predicates may be higher-order.
  • Object-baesd: Predicates are associated to particular types of graphs.
Presently we are still investigating foundations and concepts of the language; an interpreter of its kernel is developed in parallel.

Publications on DiaPlan

Author: Dr. Berthold Hoffmann
Last updated: February 5, 2008