Photos of West Malaysia

All the photos shown on this website were taken in West Malaysia (peninsular west coast and east coast) between 2004-03-22 and 2004-04-10 with a Canon Digital Ixus II and a Nikon Coolpix 950.

Kuala Lumpur
Photos of the city of Kuala Lumpur (38 images)
Pangkor Laut
Photos of Pangkor Laut Island and the Pangkor Laut Resort (25 images)
Photos of the city of Georgetown, Penang Island (29 images)
Penang Island
Photos of Penang Island (28 images)
Kota Bahru
Photos of the city of Kota Bahru and the Tumpat temple district (29 images)
A few photos of Kuantan on the east coast (5 images)
Redang Island
Photos of Redang Island off the east coast (7 images)
Taman Negara
Photos of the Taman Negara national park and central Pahang (15 images)
Miscellaneous places
A few photos taken at miscellaneous places around West Malaysia (7 images)


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