Photos of Istanbul and West Turkey

All the photos shown on this website were taken in Istanbul and the Aegean region of Turkey between 2003-05-15 and 2003-05-31 with a Canon PowerShot S20 digital camera.

Istanbul oldtown
Photos of the oldtown of Istanbul (29 images)
Istanbul other places
Photos of other parts of Istanbul (Beyoğlu, Golden Horn, Bosphorus, Kadıköy) (15 images)
Ancient sites
Photos of archeological sites, e.g. Ephesus (11 images)
West coast
Photos of the West coast (Aegean region) of Turkey: Şirince, Bodrum, Milas, etc. (14 images)


If the Turkish placenames in the captions do not display correctly, your browser probably does not support the UTF-8 character set.

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