2nd Workshop on Spatial Awareness and
Geographic Knowledge Acquisition with Small Mobile Devices
This workshop is the second edition of the highly successful
You-Are-Here workshop held at Spatial Cognition 2008.

This workshop is again held in conjunction with this year's International Conference on Spatial Cognition in Mt. Hood, Portland, Oregon, August 15-19, 2010.

Spatial Awareness and Spatial Knowledge Acquisition

Visualized geographic information, especially in form of maps is a mediator to the world beyond the direct, visible surrounding. It helps us to locate, find, and navigate to remote spatial entities or helps to localize ourselves when we are lost. However, this only can work if we successfully acquire the required spatial knowledge from the visualization and apply it in the real world.

Geographic Information on Small Mobile Devices
In the last years, geographic information migrated to small mobile devices with small displays. However, geographic information is rich in detail and highly constraint. As a result, it is hard to visualize it such that users can understand the information at a glance or with only little interaction.
In recent years it has been shown that straightforward visualization techniques are highly problematic: either they turn off the brains of the users or they lead to corrupt and highly distorted knowledge acquisition.

Scope of the Workshop
In this workshop we are targeting the interplay between device, visualization, interaction, and mental processing of geographic information with small mobile devices. We are looking for contributions with new sophisticated visualization and interaction techniques for geographic information on mobile devices, cognitive insights on the effects of visualization and interaction, as well as any other contribution in this area.

About the Workshop