Dr. Tim Laue


Tim Laue

I'm a post-doctoral researcher in Prof. Frese's Multi-Sensor Interactive Systems Group and a lecturer at the University of Bremen's Computer Science department.

My main research interests include simulation and state estimation for autonomous robots, e.g. for different kinds of football robots, as well as sport robotics and human-robot interaction.

Since 2002, I have regularly participated in RoboCup competitions with different teams in different leagues. My current team is B-Human, the many times German and world champion in the Standard Platform League.

Aside the robot football pitch, I am involved in our new sensor fusion project ZaVI that aims to perform state estimation solely based on prior knowledge and inertial sensing and will have some very cool sports applications soon. Furthermore, I have contributed to the development of an interactive entertainment robot that plays ball games with humans. In the past, I have also developed software components for rehabilitation robots, i.e. the intelligent walker iWalker and the autonomous wheelchair Rolland, and their interaction with the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab (BAALL).

My teaching focus as a lecturer is within the field of Digital Media, including interdisciplinary courses with the University of the Arts Bremen as well as an Introduction to Programming ("Grundlagen der Programmierung").