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GNU emacs mode for editing (Het)CASL specifications

The casl-mode provided here enables syntax highlighting, indentation and analysis (via an installed hets) of (Het)CASL specifications. It is also included in the new installers found here.

Note: This casl-mode has been only tested on GNU emacs 21.x.x and 22.x.x. Other emacs versions are not supported.

This casl-mode is provided under the same license (also in German) as hets.

The emacs mode is loaded by adding the following to your .emacs file, provided all three casl*.el files are kept in one directory (casl_el in the example):

(load-file "/casl_el/casl.el")

Afterwards the casl-mode is loaded for files ending with ".het" and ".casl" automatically.

Running hets from the emacs mode

If you do not have the hets binary in your PATH environment variable and not in one of the recognized paths, you may set (after loading casl.el) the path to your hets binary with the following line in your .emacs file or interactively for the current session via M-x set-variable:

(setq hets-program "~/bin/hets")

The following keycodes are available for checking CASL files from within GNU emacs:

C-c C-r
runs hets with static analysis
C-c C-g
runs hets with static analysis and graphical user interface (GUI)
C-c C-n
steps through the errors if any

Further information may be obtained from the README file, which is also distributed with the casl-mode.

Please contact for bug reports, comments and any other requests the hets-users mailing list. {/text}