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Research areas


The original research fields of the AG Krieg-Brückner are programming languages and compilers later extended by development environments as well as formal methods of software technology. These areas are summarized in the Bremen institute of safe and secure systems (BISS) which has been founded with 5 colleagues (speaker: Krieg Brückner in the technology center for computer science (TZI) in 1995. The common accent of the safety by use of formal methods of software technology expresses itself in the aims and the work of the BISS. It is essential that specifically application–oriented research is carried out in cooperation with the Bremen industry, besides the fundamental research.

The new research direction cognitive robotics has been built up in the center for cognitive sciences in interdisciplinary cooperation since 1990. It is planned over the medium term to bring both research directions together under the common aspect of the safety.

In the sequel, the fields of research and projects are described in detail.

Formal methods and tools

Cognitive robotics

Programming languages

Complete list of all fields of research and projects.

Author: Dr. Till Mossakowski
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