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Teaching (AG Krieg-Brückner)


The working group Krieg-Brückner contributes to courses in Practical Computer Science (Praktische Informatik) in the first and second year. In the third and fourth year, it serves the subarea Programming Languages and Compilers (Programmiersprachen und Übersetzer) and contributes courses on Formal Methods to the subarea Software Engineering, and courses on Cognitive Robotics to the subarea Articicial Intelligence.

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Regular Courses

Actual courses

Students Projects

  • Proposals for new projects (in case there are some)
  • Current projects
  • Completed projects

Diploma theses

  • Open topics
  • In progress
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Dissertations and Habilitations

Extratreffen ("Graduiertenseminar Sichere Kognitive Systeme")

Author: Dr. Berthold Hoffmann
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