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SystemC Intermediate Verification Language and Symbolic Simulator SISSI

NEW: the Language Reference Manual for the IVL is available here


SystemC Intermediate Verification Language (IVL) enables the independent development of front-ends and back-ends for SystemC formal verification. It is compact, intuitive, readable but expressive enough to capture the behavior of SystemC designs.

SISSI (SystemC IVL Symbolic Simulator) is a back-end for the IVL. It combines symbolic execution (full input coverage) and Partial Order Reduction (efficient pruning of search space). SISSI is able to find assertion violations as well as general errors such as division by zero or memory access violation in a given IVL description.


The grammar and a parser for the IVL and a set of benchmarks are available to download: systemc-ivl-20170630.tar.gz. Older archives: systemc-ivl-20130528.tar.gz.

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Documentation & References

For the technical background on the IVL and the symbolic simulator SISSI we refer to the following paper:

For recent advancements based on SISSI:

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