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10.1 Local Libraries

      LIB-DEFN ::= lib-defn LIB-NAME LIB-ITEM*
                 | ARCH-SPEC-DEFN | UNIT-SPEC-DEFN

A library definition LIB-DEFN is written:

library LN LI1...LIn
Each library item LIi starts with a distinctive keyword, and may be terminated by an optional `end'.

The library definition provides a collection of specification (and perhaps also view) definitions. It is well-formed only when the defined names are distinct, and not referenced until (strictly) after their definitions. The global environment for each definition is that determined by the preceding definitions. Thus a library in CASL provides linear visibility, and mutual or cyclic chains of references are not allowed.

The local environment for each definition is empty: the symbols declared by the preceding specifications in the library are only made available by explicit reference to the name of the specification concerned.

Each specification definition in a library must be self-contained (after resolving references to names defined in the current global environment), determining a complete signature--fragments of specifications cannot be named.

A local library definition determines a library name, together with a map from names to the semantics of the named specifications.

      LIB-VERSION ::= lib-version LIB-ID VERSION
      VERSION     ::= version NUMBER+

A library identifier LIB-ID in a local library may be written as a simple identifier. A library version name LIB-VERSION in a local library is written:

LI version N1. ... .Nn
The lists of version numbers are ordered lexicographically on the basis of the usual ordering between natural numbers.
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