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E Examples

[CHANGED:] This appendix illustrates the concrete syntax of specifications in CASL (although not all features of CASL, nor all styles of specifications supported by CASL, are covered).

The examples are shown only in the display format, but the intended input syntax should in general be easy to deduce--in fact, it should be the same text as displayed when browsing the HTML-formatted version of this document (modulo display annotations, which are needed for displaying mathematical symbols such as u , as well as for reserved input tokens such as `.'). The input syntax of the examples is also available by FTP. []

  • E.1 Simple Structured Specifications
  • E.1.1 Partial_Order
  • E.1.2 Monoid
  • E.1.3 Nat
  • E.1.4 Elem
  • E.2 Generic Structured Specifications
  • E.2.1 Set1
  • E.2.2 Set2
  • E.2.3 List
  • E.2.4 List_with_Order
  • E.2.5 Nat_List_with_Reverse_Orders
  • E.2.6 Non_Empty_List
  • E.2.7 Path
  • E.2.8 File
  • E.2.9 List_of_List_of_List_of_Nat
  • E.2.10 Nat_List_with_Order
  • E.2.11 Bounded_Nat_List
  • E.3 Architectural Specifications
  • E.3.1 Num
  • E.3.2 Num_Monoid
  • E.3.3 Add_Num
  • E.3.4 Add_Num_Efficiently
  • E.3.5 Efficient_Add_Num

  • CoFI Document: CASL/Summary-v1.0 -- Version: 1.0 -- 22 October 1998.
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