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These marks are of course temporary, and to be removed in the final version of this document.  
In fact Sig is a category, and Sen(.) and Mod(.) are functors. The categorial aspects of the semantics of CASL are emphasized in its formal semantics [CoF97f].  
The choice of a particular proof system for CASL has been investigated, but not yet decided.  
The translation of such constraints along signature morphisms adds a further component, for technical reasons.  
Mixfix notation is so-called because it generalizes infix, prefix, and postfix notation to allow arbitrary mixing of argument positions and identifier tokens.  
The occasional reference to the subsort and overloading relations in Part II may simply be ignored (or replaced by the identity relation) when the framework for basic specifications is restricted so as not to include these features.

CoFI Document: CASL/Summary-v1.0 -- Version: 1.0 -- 22 October 1998.
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