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Version 0.95 of this document was the summary of the complete CASL Tentative Design [CoF96], available since December 1996.

CoFI Note S-1 [CoF97d] extended the cited Tentative Design Language Summary with annotations concerning some questions and doubts raised by the Semantics task group, in connection with their development of a formal semantics for CASL, see CoFI Note S-4 [CoF97e]; CoFI Note S-1 has since been updated with an indication of how the issues were expected to be resolved.

Version 0.96 was the first draft of the Summary of the CASL Proposed Design, resolving almost all the issues that had been raised concerning the Tentative Design.

Version 0.97 [CoF97c] incorporated some relatively minor enhancements to the Proposed Design, suggested shortly after version 0.96 became available (April 1997). CoFI Note S-6 [CoF97f] provided a completed draft semantics for this version. Version 0.97 was reviewed by IFIP WG1.3 [IFI97], resulting in tentative approval of the design.

Version 0.98 showed just which bits of CASL were subject to reconsideration, in view of the referees' comments [CoF97a] and the recommendations made by the CoFI Semantics Task Group [CoF97f].

[CHANGED:] Version 0.99 summarized what was almost the final CASL Design, now also incorporating concrete syntax (the syntax of views and architectural specifications was, however, still somewhat tentative).

[CHANGED:] CoFI Note M-4 [BST98] provided an updated rationale for the design of architectural specifications in CASL. [] The present version 1.0 incorporates various minor adjustments to the details of CASL, arising mainly from the work on the formal semantics of CASL and on the implementation of parsers. It also incorporates a significant revision of the treatment of views. [] The preliminary response by the Language Design task group to the IFIP WG1.3 referees [CoF97a] is now to be expanded to clarify the extent to which the referees' recommendations have been followed.

Comments on the various versions have been sent to the mailing list subscribers, and are accessible in the mailing list archives. The various language design notes are also accessible.

CoFI Document: CASL/Summary-v1.0 -- Version: 1.0 -- 22 October 1998.
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