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8.1.1 Unit Declarations

      UNIT-IMPORTS ::= unit-imports UNIT-TERM*
      UNIT-NAME    ::= SIMPLE-ID

A unit declaration UNIT-DECL is written:

UN : USP given UT1,...,UTn
When the list UNIT-TERM* of unit terms is empty, it is simply written:

It provides not only a unit specification USP but also a unit name UN, which is used for referring to the unit in subsequent unit expressions, so that the same unit may be used more than once in a composition.

In addition, the UNIT-IMPORTS lists any units UT1, ...,UTn that are imported for the implementation of the declared unit (corresponding to implementing a generic unit function and applying it only once, to the imported units, [CHANGED:] the type of the generic function being merely the union of the signatures of the UTi). [] [CHANGED:] The unit specification USP is treated as an extension of the signatures of the imported units, thus being given a non-empty local environment, in general. []

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