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4.2 Associativity Annotations

There are two associativity annotations

which may be used immediately after an operation or predicate declaration. For example, declaring __+__ to be left associative means that t1 + t2 + t3 is parsed as (t1 + t2) + t3, while declaring it to be right associative leads to t1 + (t2 + t3). If there is no associativity annotation for a mixfix symbol, it is not allowed to repeat that symbol without explicit grouping using parentheses.

Due to the CASL summary, section, an assoc operation attribute implies a parsing annotation that allows an infix operation to be iterated without explicit grouping parentheses. We choose just %left assoc to be this parsing annotation - %right assoc would also do the job, and the resulting parsed term would be different but semantically equivalent due to associativity of the operation. Thus the choice between %left assoc and %right assoc is arbitrary here, but we have to make a choice to be definite.

CoFI Note: L-11 -- Version: 0.1 -- 11 March 1999.
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