Methodological Guidelines

Markus Roggenbach
Till Mossakowski

June 2002


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Copyright ©2002 CoFI, The Common Framework Initiative for Algebraic Specification and Development.1


This note provides a style guide how to write specifications in CASL. The guidelines presented here were developed writing the note "Basic Datatypes in CASL" [4]. Thus they have proven to be useful in practice.

The aim of this note is twofold: on the one hand it documents the methodology behind the "Basic Datatypes in CASL" [4] and thus helps to understand the design decision behind them. On the other hand the here presented "Methodological Guidelines" may be useful as a starting point for other methodologies.

  • Version History
  • Introduction
  • 1 Naming Conventions
  • 2 Basic Specifications
  • 3 Requirement versus Design Specifications
  • 4 Structured Specifications
  • References
  • Footnotes

  • CoFI Note: M-6 -- Version: 0.7 -- June 2002.
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