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2.1 The Specifications of Note M-6

The following table summarizes the names of the specifications provided in Note M-6 [RM99a]:

Order Theory:
 SigOrder,  PartialOrder,  TotalOrder,
 DefineBooleanAlgebra,  BooleanAlgebra.
Finite Sets:
 Elem,  GenerateFiniteSet,  FiniteSet,
 Semigroup,  Monoid,  CommutativeMonoid,  DefineGroup,  Group,  DefineCommutativeGroup,  CommutativeGroup,
 DefineRing,  Ring,  DefineIntegralDomain,  IntegralDomain,  FactorialRing,  ConstructField,  DefineField,  Field,
 DefineCommutativeField,  CommutativeField.
 GenerateNat,  Nat,  DefineEuclidianRing,
 EuclidianRing,  GenerateInt,  Int,  GenerateRat,  Rat.
List and Bag:

 GenerateList,  List,  GenerateBag,  Bag.

Character and String:

 Char,  String.

CoFI Note: M-7 -- Version: 0.2 -- 13 April 1999.
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