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3 Annotations

We make frequent use of the following annotations, which we discuss separately in the study note "Annotations and Literal Syntax in CASL" [RM99b].

  1. Annotations on extensions:
    1. %def
    2. %cons
  2. Annotations concerned with the precedence of mixfix symbols:
    %prec <precedence-list>,
    where a precedence list consists of at most one precedence relation of the form
    id1, ..., idn < idn+1, ..., idn+k, n > 1, k > 1.
  3. Annotations on associativity of mixfix symbols:
    1. %left assoc
    2. %right assoc
Although these annotations describe important properties, the following specifications remain correct if the annotations are interpreted as comments.
CoFI Note: M-7 -- Version: 0.2 -- 13 April 1999.
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