Standard annotations for parsers and static semantic checkers - a proposal

Till Mossakowski1

30 September 1998

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We argue that tools for parsing and static semantic analysis of CASL specifications should be usable as a front-end for tools that act only only well-formed specifications (like theorem provers, rewriters). Therefore, standard annotations for abstract syntax trees containing the static semantic (and other) information are needed. A proposal for what these annotations should contain is made. Note that this is to some degree independent of the question which interchange format to choose.

The note was revised according to the discussion on the CoFI Tools meeting in Lisbon at April 3rd 1998.

Full Contents

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Proposal for parser standard annotations
  • 3 Proposal for static semantic checker annotaions
  • Footnotes

  • CoFI Note: T-6 -- Version: Version 1.1 -- 30 September 1998.
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