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The Digital Media master project „Sonification Apps“ revolves around sonification, a way to convey information in auditory form. Product of the project is Tiltification, a spirit level app for mobile devices. It enables level objects, e. g. a table, by listening to subtle changes of an auditory feedback. Sonification describes the process of providing information in audible form in contrast to omnipresence of visual display. Common examples are the Geiger counter to identify the rate of nuclear radiation in close proximity or the sound a car makes while parking and approaching an obstacle. Sonification can be applied when visual displays are not possible, sufficient or distracting. Furthermore, sonification is often able to convey information more detailed. Especially people with visual impairments benefit from audible information. Since we are not as experienced with auditory information communication apart from language as with visual displays, sonification requires familiarization. In the course of the project, the app Tiltification was developed. It turns a mobile device such as a smartphone into a spirit level, a traditional handyman tool to e. g. balance furniture. Other apps provide this same basic functionality visually. The merit of Tiltification is to give feedback in auditory form in addition to a visual display with unique design. For that the “psychoacoustic sonification” is applied. Each rotation direction around one of the two axes in the plane is associated with a clearly identifiable acoustic feature. Deviations from the ideal leveling are represented by distinguishable variations in these sounds. Ideal levelling is indicated by a clear and continuous tone. Development of the app was prefaced and accompanied by two user surveys and a social media marketing strategy. Tiltification is free and available for Android and iOS in the app stores and as APK on the project website. Please visit our channels:

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