In emergencies on the high seas, seconds count. That is why the rapid acquisition of information about wind farms, associated ships and emergency contacts is an important part of sea rescue. Not every ship has a doctor. In acute emergencies, it is therefore important to have a precise overview of the available resources.

The “ODIN” software is intended to fulfill exactly this goal. In close cooperation with the Society for Maritime Emergency Management (GMN) in Bremen, a product was created that enables the employees in the emergency control center to access relevant information, manage it independently and quickly access relevant information in an emergency. One advantage of our application is that part of this data can be read in automatically.

This automatic data processing helps to relieve the GMN employees in their daily tasks. In its work, GMN is in close contact with the respective wind farm operators, from whom it obtains deployment plans for available ships, for example. This information will help to ensure a smooth rescue in an emergency. This is another point of application of our software, in that the operators can enter relevant information there. This reduces the flow of data that needs to be processed by the GMN employees.

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