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The world is in a transition phase and every one of us in the midst of the greatest change in human history, the third “great transformation”. The Mobile4D project intends to contribute to sustainable development. We are therefore developing various systems in cooperation with the Faculty of Tropical Medicine at Mahidol University in Thailand, which are primarily aimed at the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): “Good health and well-being”.

The number of cases of infectious diseases is rising worldwide, and dengue fever, which is generally difficult to diagnose, is showing a particularly rapid increase. The Dengue Diagnosis System addresses its early detection and subsequent patient monitoring. It allows medical staff to calculate disease probabilities via mobile app or dashboard and manages the results using the Dengue Diagnosis Dashboard. Our Healthcare Workers app, on the other hand, provides support directly at the root of the problem, the breeding grounds of the disease-carrying mosquitoes. This application is designed to make the reporting and destruction of breeding sites by specialized workers more efficient. This year, the development of two additional systems has started. One of them allows large-scale studies to be conducted and analyzed. Researchers can create their own questionnaires and have the participants answer them with the corresponding mobile app.The second system is used to manage vaccinations and includes a digital vaccination card, once again in form of an app.

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