RevLib is an online resource for benchmarks within the domain of reversible and quantum circuit design

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Video Tutorials

After the installation, RevKit is fully functional and ready to use. The fastest way to become familiar with the framework and its functionalities is to apply the RevKit Graphical User Interface. The RevKit GUI enables the creation and execution of customized design processes to be executed. On this page, the use of the GUI is illustrated by means of several tutorial-videos. They illustrate the first steps as well as selected application scenarios. More details on the use of RevKit additionally is provided in the User Documentation.

We recommend to watch all videos in full screen mode!

First Steps
The following video illustrates the first steps of the RevKit GUI.

Conducting Experimental Evaluations
The following video illustrates how experimental evaluations can be conducted and summarized using the RevKit GUI.

The following video illustrates how circuits can be simulated using the RevKit GUI.