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SimRobot for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP


ScreenshotSimRobot for Windows is based on the Microsoft Foundation Classes and runs under Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows NT and their successors. It uses Windows 95's interface elements like a dockable and floating toolbar, a status bar, a tree view, tool tips, sliders and the new file dialog boxes. In addition, this version offers a complete help on the user interface and the scene description language. It supports immediate window repainting during dragging and resizing with high performance paint routines. You will need at least Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 to be able to compile this version of SimRobot.


  • Integrated development environment for scene definitions.
  • User interface with context sensitive menus and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Context sensitive help for the user interface and all keywords of the scene description language in the integrated editor.
  • One tree view of all objects and ports.
  • You can "start/stop", "single step" and "reset" the simulation.
  • Sensor data can be displayed as line graph, surface graph, column graph, monochrome image, color image and single image random dots stereogram.
  • The data's presentation can be copied to the clipboard.
  • The window layout is stored for each scene definition file. If you reopen a scene the layout is restored.
  • You can easily derive your own robot controller from a predefined class.
  • Your controller can process mouse clicks in object views.


To download SimRobot, click here. For the installation, you will need an unzip utility that supports Windows 95's long file names. If you do not have one, you can download the shareware WinZip for Windows 95 from here. In the SimRobot package, a "readme" file is included that describes the further steps.

Known Errors

  • Texures aren't sized correctly if SCALE is used:
    You can work around the bug by using the SIZE attribute in the SURFACE declaration.
  • SimRobot does not paint some monochrome and color sensor views:
    Some graphic drivers are only able to scale bitmaps up to a certain factor. Unfortunately, this factor cannot be retrieved.

Corrected Errors

  • While compiling the scene the attribute DEPTH generates '(' expected.
  • A VEHICLE doesn't move in y-direction.
  • The use of ZBUFFER changes the DEPTH values returned by cameras.
  • While displaying a scene with hidden lines a "division by zero" error is generated.
  • SimRobot ignores the sign of reals in the range ]-1..0[.
  • SimRobot creates files with strange names in the Windows directory.
  • SimRobot uses the setting in an actor view even if this view is minimized.
  • SimRobot does not start maximized.
  • File/New does not close the current document.
Author: Dr. Thomas Röfer
Last updated: January 30, 2003   impressum