Bachelor's project

AG Theory of Artificial Intelligence, University of Bremen, Germany
October 2015 to July 2016
Quizduell [1] is a popular quiz-app for mobile devices with over 50 million users. It was first released in Sweden in 2012 as Quizkampen, is called Quizduell in Germany, and QuizClash in the English version.
One Game: Two players. 6 rounds in different categories. 18 questions. 4 answer candidates and 20 seconds time limit. The player who answers the most questions correctly wins.
The project consists of 21 students. Its goals are set collectively. Achieving them requires drawing from various areas of computer science.
The goal is to answer quiz questions based on knowledge extracted from the internet. No cheating-websites are used. No caching of answers.
The Idea is loosely inspired by IBM's Watson. Unlike Watson, we are presented with answer candidates instead of having to answer freely.
Challenges include understanding the question, querying web knowledge sources, interpreting their answers, selecting a final answer.
The Bachelor's project "DeepQD" is supervised by the AG Theory of Artificial Intelligence and is aimed at students in 5th and 7th Semester.
Idea and supervision by Carsten Lutz and Thomas Schneider.
Alexander Alexandre Aljosha Sönke Dominik Fathan Florian Iris Jan Jendrik Kevin Malte Marvin Mathias Mathias Maurice Patrick Sören Tobias Torben Yale Carsten Thomas


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