The CollageSystem

The CollageSystem is a family of programs for generating pictures and animations using the method of collage grammars developed by the Research Group Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Bremen. Here's a short sketch of collage grammars (PostScript, 1.8m, zipped version, 450k).


This program is written in C++ on Sun SPARCstations with the XView toolkit. It has also been tested on PCs under Linux.

Given a textual description of a collage grammar, it produces three kinds of graphical output:


OpenCollage is a new development that is based on a new framework called Open* (Open Star). OpenCollage and Open* are written in Java (without any native extensions), so they run on any JDK 1.1 compliant platform.

OpenCollage is already nearly as powerful as CollageVR while being much more flexible. For example, part classes and display mechanims are resolved at run-time, using factory classes and a Model-View-Controller paradigm. You can easily extend the system and plug in own components.

To coin a phrase, Where do you want to go today?

Thanks for your interest in the CollageSystem. If you have any remarks or questions, please send a mail to the address below .