Syntax of the CollageSystem (Version 0.6.0)

The CollageSystem expects its input in a single plain text file that can be created using any standard ASCII editor.
The notation of the syntax below uses some kind of Backus-Naur-Form where most Nonterminals have hypertext links to their definitions. Terminals represent the text that has actually to be typed into the file.

Options TbGlobal Grammar Derivation
Grammar Transforms TbGrammar StartCollage Rules
Derivation TbDerivation TbDerivStart DerivEntries

Use of the preprocessor

Before the input file is presented to the parser of the CollageSystem, it is preprocessed by the program cpp, the text preprocessor of the C and C++ languages. The function of the preprocessor is documented in detail under the cpp or cc manpages. Here's a short summary of what it does: