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Welcome to the Education Matters column of the EATCS Bulletin edited by Prof. Dr Hans-Jörg Kreowski.
The structure of the column is organized into seven categories:

EdMat Debate lists all statement and position papers contributing to the general discussion of the what, how, and why of teaching computer science.

EdMat Course Concepts collects papers on the conception of particular computer science courses or of special aspects of teaching certain topics.

EdMat Tool provides information about tools that can be used in teaching or learning computer science.

EdMat Site lists reports about aims, scope, structure, and organization of teaching computer science, related areas or subareas at the varius sites of higher education in the world.

EdMat Corner is a category listing statements and comments on computer science education that are of a personal nature.

EdMat News & Links names a category of miscellaneous information about educational matters in computer science including links to other related sites.

EdMat History is a list of former issues of the column in the order of appearence.

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