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EdMat Debate lists all statements and position papers contributing to the general discussion of the what, how, and why of teaching computer science. There were various contributions of this type in former issues, but not recently. They are listed below with the leading numbers refering to the respective EATCS Bulletin.

[63] Tom Verhoeff: Some Thoughts on the Role of Competitions in Computing Science Education with a Twist in the Direction of Theoretical Computer Science.
[61] Ulrike Erb, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Veronika Oechtering, Ingrid Rügge: INFORMATICA FEMINALE - Summer University for Women in Computer Science.
[53] Andreas Schwill: Fundamental Ideas of Computer Science.
[52] Jacques Printz: Mathematical Training for the Software Developers: A Practical Experience.
[51] David L. Parnas: Mathematics of Computation for (Software and Other) Engineers.
[48] Nigel P. Chapman: Teaching Theoretical Computer Science to First Year Undergraduates.