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  • for UNIX systems: tar'ed and gzip'ed directory treebag containing
    • a file QUICKINTRO that should provide sufficient information in order to start TREEBAG and have a first look at it,
    • a README file providing some technical information,
    • the TREEBAG manual (a PostScript file),
    • a file named CHANGES reporting changes since the technical report 1/98 was written,
    • a directory containing several examples (called examples),
    • the TREEBAG class library (treebag-classes.zip) containing the actual implementation,
    • a UNIX shell script named treebag that can be used to start the system, and
    • a small icon that can be used by X11 window managers.
  • for other systems: the TREEBAG class library containing the actual implementation, the zip'ed directory containing the examples, and the QUICKINTRO, the CHANGES, and the TREEBAG manual (zip'ed). In order to start the system, run gui.worksheet using your Java interpreter. Remember to include the downloaded library file in the search path of the interpreter. If you do not, you will get the error message Can't find class gui.worksheet.
  • the sources (zip'ed) and, for those who would like to extend TREEBAG by adding further classes, some implementation notes (zip'ed) explaining the main points that must be taken into consideration. If you want to use the notes, make sure that your TREEBAG version is up to date. The notes are not completely consistent with older versions of TREEBAG (although the difference is small).

If something does not work, please do not hesitate to contact me.