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The R&D project “Development of secure mobile applications for controlling smart home systems” (SecureSmartHomeApp) is carried out by the partners neusta mobile solutions GmbH and TZI of Universität Bremen. The overall goal of this project is a systematic and comprehensive security analysis of app-controlled smart home systems as well as the development of a reference security architecture for such systems. The reference security architecture will be specified in formalisms, such as UML/OCL, such that program code for a secure smart home app can be automatically generated. Both for security analysis and code generation supporting tools will be developed. The tools implemented within this project will be practically applied for implementing a concrete secure smart home app.


The contribution of the TZI lies in the systematic security analysis of app-controlled smart home systems, the formal definition of a reference security architecture and the conception of tools that support the secure development of such systems.


Period: 01/01/2017 -31/12/2018
Funding Body: BMBF
Partners: neusta mobile solutions GmbH


Author: Dr. Karsten Sohr
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