Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set

Copyright(c) Christian Maeder and Uni Bremen 2002-2003
LicenseGPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




String constants for keywords to be used for parsing and printing


context dependend keywords

lessS :: String

sub sort indicator

exMark :: String

modifier for existsS

quMark :: String

modifier for funS or colonS

type constructors

funS :: String

total function arrow

pFun :: String

partial function arrow

prodS :: String

ascii product type sign

timesS :: String

alternative latin1 product type sign

symbol keywords

colonS :: String

the colon sign

dotS :: String

the dot sign (ascii)

cDot :: String

the alternative latin1 centered dot sign

barS :: String

the vertical bar

mapsTo :: String

arrow started with a bar

defnS :: String

two colons and an equal sign

colonQuMark :: String

a colon with a question mark

existsUnique :: String

the exists keyword with an exclamation mark

comment keywords

percentS :: String

one percent sign

percents :: String

two percent signs (for line comments)

formula symbols

implS :: String

implication arrow (equal and greater)

equivS :: String

equivalent sign

negS :: String

the alternative latin1 negation sign for not

lAnd :: String

logical and using slashes

lOr :: String

logical or using slashes

further HasCASL key signs

assignS :: String

assign sign (colon and equal)

minusS :: String

minus sign (for variance)

plusS :: String

plus sign (for variance)

contFun :: String

total continuous function arrow

pContFun :: String

partial continuous function arrow

lamS :: String

lambda sign (backslash)

asP :: String

at sign (for as pattern)

hereP :: String

Here sign

bindP :: String

Bind sign

rightArrow :: String

assign sign in monad notation

further HasCASL keywords

functS :: String

the new keyword fun (funS is already defined differently)

CoCasl key signs

diamondS :: String

the diamond sign (less and greater)

greaterS :: String

the greater sign

OWL key signs

CspCasl key signs

prefix_procS :: String

Prefix processes

sequentialS :: String

sequential process operator

interleavingS :: String

interleaving parallel operator

synchronousS :: String

synchronous parallel operator

genpar_openS :: String

Open generalised parallel

genpar_closeS :: String

Close generalised parallel

alpar_openS :: String

Open alpabetised parallel

alpar_sepS :: String

Separator in alpabetised parallel

alpar_closeS :: String

Close alpabetised parallel

external_choiceS :: String

External choice

internal_choiceS :: String

Internal choice

hiding_procS :: String

Hiding (process)

ren_proc_openS :: String

Open a renaming (process)

ren_proc_closeS :: String

Close a renaming (process)

logic definition symbols

DOL keywords


MMT symbols

Twelf conventions

letter keywords taken from Keywords.txt