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DocTIP: Document and Tool Integration Platform


The DocTIP system is developed in the FormalSafe project (Formal Development for Safe Robotic) of the DFKI Research Department Cyber-Physical Systems. FormalSafe aims at providing computer-aided management of the many types of documents involved in the development of highly dependable systems, applied to the area of safe robotics. The DocTIP system will keep track of the various dependencies in and between such documents to provide efficient change management. To this end DocTIP combines sophisticated structuring mechanisms for formal documents with an appropriate change management to maintain structured relations between different specification parts. Various proof tools will be integrated to establish such relations in the first place. DocTIP will also maintain semi-formal, i.e formally structured but informal development documents.


The Software is free software and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 3) available here.


The software is written in Java (JSDK 1.5 or higher) and the source code of the current and first alpha release is available as zip file here. The following packages are required to compile/run the software:

LibraryAvailable from
jung 2.0http://jung.sourceforge.net/
stax2 apihttp://docs.codehaus.org/display/WSTX/StAX2
woodstox stax2http://woodstox.codehaus.org/

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Author: Serge Autexier
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