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Publication type: Article in Proceedings
Author: Axel Lankenau, Thomas Röfer
Editor: Bernd Hildebrand, Reinhard Moratz, Christian Scheering
Title: Architecture of the Bremen Autonomous Wheelchair
Book / Collection title: Architectures in Cognitive Robotics. Technical Report
Page(s): 19 – 24
Number: 98/13
Year published: 1998
Publisher: SFB 360 "Situierte Künstliche Kommunikatoren". Universität Bielefeld
Abstract: This article presents the Bremen Autonomous Wheelchair as a platform for the realization of rehabilitation applications. In the field of assistive technologies, the necessities for safety on the one hand and adaptability to various impairments of potential users on the other hand dominate the design decisions. A safe system architecture for the Bremen Autonomous Wheelchair is proposed and a hierarchy of application modules is presented.
Status: Reviewed
Last updated: 06. 11. 2013

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