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Publication type: Article in Proceedings
Author: Felix Wenk, Udo Frese
Title: Posture from Motion
Book / Collection title: Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
Page(s): 280 – 285
Year published: 2015
Abstract: This paper presents an estimator to obtain the posture of a moving skeleton, i.e. all relative orientations of the skeleton’s bodies that are connected via a common joint. The estimator uses inertial sensor data only, the relative orientation around all axes is obtained without magnetometers. Instead, the accelerations of the skeleton’s motion provide information about the otherwise missing degree of freedom. The method also yields the orientation of the skeleton as a whole except for the heading. In addition, a technique to decouple the estimation rate from the sensor sampling rate is introduced. The estimator both with and without rate decoupling is evaluated against ground truth data and yields relative orientations about 5 degrees off ground truth while the skeleton moves.
Internet: https://github.com/fwenk/opensirka
PDF Version: http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/agebv2/downloads/published/wenk_iros_15.pdf
Status: Reviewed
Last updated: 14. 03. 2017

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