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QMDD - a Decision Diagram Package for the Efficient Representation and Manipulation of Quantum Functionality

by Philipp Niemann, Robert Wille, D. Michael Miller, Mitchell A. Thornton, and Rolf Drechsler

Quantum mechanical phenomena such as phase shifts, superposition, and entanglement show promise in use for computation. Suitable technologies for the modeling and design of quantum computers and other information processing techniques that exploit quantum mechanical principles are in the range of vision. Quantum algorithms that significantly speed up the process of solving several important computation problems have been proposed in the past. The most common representation of quantum mechanical phenomena are transformation matrices. However, the transformation matrices grow exponentially with the size of a quantum system and, thus, pose significant challenges for efficient representation and manipulation of quantum functionality. In order to address this problem, first approaches for the representation of quantum systems in terms of decision diagrams have been proposed.

One very promising approach is given by Quantum Multiple- Valued Decision Diagrams (QMDDs) which are able to efficiently represent transformation matrices and also inherently support multiple-valued basis states offered by many physical quantum systems.

Here, we provide an implementation of QMDDs in terms of a C package that can be used by researchers in the domain of quantum computation and let them benefit from the advantages of an efficient representation and manipulation of quantum functionality with QMDDs.


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  • Philipp Niemann, Robert Wille, D. Michael Miller, Mitchell A. Thornton, and Rolf Drechsler. QMDDs: Efficient Quantum Function Representation and Manipulation. In Trans. CAD, IEEE, 2016.
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