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LaTeX formatting

The aims of the CASL package for LaTeX are to facilitate:

  • Uniform formatting of CASL specifications.
  • Combining parts of document by different authors.
  • Pretty-printing of CASL specifications.
  • Converting from LaTeX to HTML.

To use the CASL package:

  • Copy the file casl.sty (and casl.hlx for those who use Hyperlatex).
  • Insert \usepackage{casl} in the preamble of the LaTeX document.
  • Add the commands provided by the CASL package to the CASL specifications, to indicate their structure and alignment, as described and illustrated in the documentation Formatting CASL Specifications Using LaTeX .

LaTeX generating tool

The CASL Tool Set comes with a formatting tool that generates LaTeX to be used in connection with casl.sty. Also the Heterogeneous Tool Set provides LaTeX formatting; however, it uses a different formatting package: hetcasl.sty.

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