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Proposal and Approval for a new tool

A 3-steps process is proposed :

  1. A proposal consists of a presentation of the tool addressing the following questions:
    - which is its purpose?
    - which sublanguage of CASL is addressed?
    - is the tool conform to the CASL syntax?
    - is the tool conform to the interchange format?
    - which are the relevant annotations?
    - how to use it?
    - how to install it?
    To be proposed a tool must either accept (a subset of) the CASL syntax, or accept the interchange format of A-terms and respect the approved set of annotations. A proposed tool will be announced on these pages with the label

  2. A feeback period of one month will follow the announce of the proposal in the CoFI mailing lists. The tool will be tested by CoFI members and comments will be recorded during this period. It will be labeled on these pages with

  3. After this period, according to the received feeback by the Tool coordinator, the tool will get the label

Benefits for a tool proposer

Which are the benefits for a tool proposer?

  • based on available ressources, the Tools group will give a close look at the proposed tool and constructive feeback.
  • free access and connection with other CASL tools includig the repository of examples and CASL library.
  • advertisement of the tool in CASL presentations.

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