13th International Workshop on Boolean Problems

Social Event

The Social Event will be held on Thursday, September 20, at the Universum Bremen followed by a dinner at the restaurant Waldbühne.

16:30-18:00 Universum Bremen
Picture: Universum Bremen The first part of the social event will take place at the Universum Bremen. The Universum is a science center for all ages that offers over 300 exhibits to discover the world of science and engineering. The visitors can test and try out scientific phenomena with hands-on exhibits in three different theme sections (technology, humans, and nature). There is also a fantastic outside space with lots of stations exploring the science of movement.

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19:00-22:00 Waldbühne Bremen
Picture: Lisa Jungmann The rustic and charming restaurant Waldbühne is situated directly in the Bürgerpark and can be reached by foot from the University of Bremen within 15 minutes.
During the evening, the participants can enjoy a delicious barbecue buffet with vegetarian options. Depending on the weather conditions, the event will take place outdoors or inside the restaurant.

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The Bürgerpark is one of Germany's best-maintained country parks. Together with the adjacent woodland, it covers an area of 202 hectares.
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