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Student's Project ANIMA

Rule Laboratory for Visualisation and Animation

Winter 1999 - Summer 2001

Project ANIMA took place from winter semester 1999/2000 to summer semester 2001. Such projects are integral parts of the computer science studies at the University of Bremen, covering about a quarter of the graduate phase. On average, about 15 to 20 students participate in a project.

Usually, the aim of a project is the development of some software system as a case study to learn by research and in team work about the principles of system engineering and project management, the theoretical foundations and some application domain.

In the beginning ANIMA had 19 participants; before the end, four students left for various personal reasons. It was supervised by Frank Drewes in the first quarter, by Renate Klempien-Hinrichs in the last quarter, and by Hans-Jörg Kreowski throughout its duration.

ANIMA's vision and mission was to develop a rule laboratory for visualization and animation. The work was divided into three main topics:

  • the study of a spectrum of syntactic and rule-based methods for picture and scene generation,
  • the sample modelling of visual phenomena and processes of various kinds by means of these methods, and
  • the development of AnimaLab as a system to support the modelling and also to visualize the modelled phenomena and processes.
As ANIMA came to a close a final report was written, in which its members summed up their contribution to the project in the form of one or more articles:

The report is available for download in both .pdf and .ps versions here:

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