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Algebraic specification

For all stages of software development, beginning with the requirements definition and ending with a running program, specification techniques are defined formally with respect to both syntax and semantics. The major emphasis is laid on:
  • methods that allow for correctness proofs and a modular structure of software systems on all levels of abstraction, and
  • formal tools that provide a systematic way to transform one level of abstraction into the next.

The most important subjects are:

  • partial specification,
  • specification of parameterized data types and parameter passing,
  • algebraic implementation of abstract data types,
  • term rewriting and operational semantics,
  • institutions, logics, and parchments as a meta-theory for specification methods allowing comparison and translation between different frameworks.

Research in this area contributes partly to CoFI (Common Framework Initiative for Algebraic Specification) within the IFIP Working Group 1.3. The goal of CoFI is to get a common agreement in the algebraic specification community about basic concepts, and to provide a family of specification languages at different levels, a development methodology, and tool support.

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