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Graph transformation

In computer science it is often necessary to handle and to modify complex data representing, for instance, the structure of a software system or the behaviour of a process. In many cases these data can be suitably modelled as graphs. This general fact results in a great need for graph manipulating mechanisms that are powerful and comprehensible at the same time. In the theory of graph transformation such mechanisms are developed and investigated. The work of the group aims at a systematic extension of the theory and its application to different fields of practice. In particular, studies in the following areas are carried out:
  • context-freeness (node, edge, and hyperedge replacement),
  • graph centered, rule based systems,
  • structuring concepts for graph transformation systems,
  • recognition of graph languages (syntax analysis, pattern recognition) and algorithmic analysis,
  • properties of graph transformation systems,
  • investigation of parallelism, distribution and concurrency,
  • application of graph transformation to logistic processes,
  • application of graph transformation to the unified modeling language UML.
Research in this area is partially supported by the European Union within the Research Training Network SegraVis (Syntactic and Semantic Integration of Visual Modelling Techniques) since October 2002 and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft within the project Abstrakte Implementierung von und Dokumentation mit UML [abstract implementation of and documentation with UML] since January 2000 and the Collaborative Research Centre 637 Autonomous Cooperating Logistic Processes - A Paradigm Shift and its Limitations since January 2004 .

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