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Syntactic methods of picture generation

The study of syntactic methods of picture generation aims at using concepts and results from formal language and automata theory for picture generation. Besides the investigation of classical approaches like chain-code picture languages, L-systems with turtle geometry, cellular automata, array grammars, etc., especially collage grammars are studied. Typical subjects are:

  • collage grammars beyond context-freeness,
  • comparison with classical approaches (see above),
  • tree-oriented representation of picture-generating devices.

These purely theoretical studies are accompanied by the development of systems that allow the evaluation and visualisation of collage grammars. The latest system in this line is COLLAGE-VR, which allows to define multi-coloured context-sensitive collage grammars in two as well as in three dimensions. The derived collages can be saved as PostScript files for inclusion in TeX documents, and they can be displayed. Three-dimensional collages are displayed using a standard VRML viewer. Moreover, the TREEBAG system provides a tree-based environment for picture generation using chain-code, collage, and turtle algebras.

If your browser has the shockwave flash plugin installed you may have a look at the following animations:

The latest examples of generated 3D scenes can be found here!
Or you may have a look at the short but illustrative generated movie by Caroline Diana von Totth (3D Show/8.5 MB/low resolution version).

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