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Course offer with weekly lectures in Summer Semester 2007

Theoretical Aspects of Logistics

(VAK 03-05-H-699.56, 4 SWS, ECTS: 6)

Although the content of the course is not yet finally fixed, it will be concerned with the formal modelling of logistic processes, systems, and networks and may include modeling methods like evolutionary algorithms, Petri nets, swarm intelligence, event systems and others. The emphasis will be laid on the mathematical semantics of these methods and the provable properties of processes and systems based on the semantics. A particular topic will be the algorithmic approaches to the solution of optimization problems that are frequently used in logistics.

The course consists of a lecture part and an exercise part. The course will be held in English because its lecture part (Tuesday 15-17 h) is an offer to the PhD students of the International Graduate School on Dynamics in Logistics. The exercise part will take place weekly (Tuesday 17-19 h) or will be blocked in some other way to be discussed with the participants.

Further information for Computer Science students: The lecture part and the exercise part together form a proper module with 6 credit points. The theoretical aspects of logistics will be considered from a point of view of theoretical computer science such that the course belongs to the area Theorie. It is an experimental first attempt towards the teaching of a systematic theory of logistics. Its category is Vertiefung because a good mathematical and theoretical foundation is required and because the content is still under development.

[Modulbereich: Theorie; Kategorie: V (Vertiefung); LV-Form: K (Kurs)]

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