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Graph Status

Graph Status

A graph status is the alternative external format for graphs in uDraw(Graph). The other one is the term representation, refer to the graph concepts. Files containing a uDraw(Graph) status should always have suffix .status. Beside the pure graph structure of a term representation, a status also contains the graph layout information and nearly all current settings of the user interface. Thus a user is able to restore a previous session by loading a status file. A status file contains information about only one graph, i.e. the graph of the base window where the status was saved. Multi-graph and multi-view are not considered in a graph status.

Note: a status file contains information specific to a particular uDraw(Graph) release. Usually, for new features the data stored in status files have to be extended with each new release. This means that a particular uDraw(Graph) release cannot read a status file that was generated by a later release. But old status files generated by earlier releases can be read in later releases using a compatibility mode. You can determine the release of a status file by looking at the beginning of the file with a text editor. Also note that in uDraw(Graph) 3.1 there is no compatibility mode to load a status file created with the previous release V1.1 (which was the earliest version available in 1993).

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